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One of the first things that I did when I moved into my new home was start looking into my options for solar power. I’m a big believer in reducing dependence on natural resources that are unsustainable, and one of the best ways to do that is by using natural resources that are sustainable, like sunlight. I was thrilled to have my own home that I could customize with solar power. I found that there were all kinds of options for solar power besides those big clunky solar panels. I eventually settled on solar shingles for my roof, and I’m looking into solar powered windows, too. I started this blog to share more information about solar trends with people who are as interested in sustainable energy as I am. I hope to help you understand how contractors can help with these large projects!


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3 Reasons To Invest In Residential Metal Roofing

Your roof is a wise investment that should last you many years. Many roofing styles exist, including metal, asphalt shingle, clay, slate, wood shingles, and other styles, and your roofing contractor will help you pick the best roofing material for your needs.

Metal roofs are a wise option to choose, which you will learn more about here. Here are three reasons to invest in residential metal roofing for your home.

Metal roofing can be soundproofed

Metal roofs are not noisier than traditional roofs, but concerns of noise pollution when installing a tin, steel, or other style of roof can be tackled by making the metal roof soundproof. Soundproofing a metal roof involves putting insulation or a sound barrier inside the roof's lining, thus reducing noise production of the roof while potentially aiding in energy efficiency as well.

Your metal roof can be made soundproof during the metal roof installation. Your roofing contractor will share soundproofing options with you before installing your residential metal roofing.

Metal roofing can be customized

Metal roofs are streamlined and easy to install, using large panels to create the entire roof. Customize your metal roof by having the panels powder coated in a unique color or have the panels designed in a unique pattern to mimic other roofing styles. A classic metal roof adds charm to the exterior of your home even in its most basic of applications, so customizing your residential metal roofing takes your metal roof to a new level.

Metal roofing is cost-effective

Not only is a metal roof relatively inexpensive to install, but the investment also lasts. The average residential metal roofing project costs $120 or more per square and can last up to 50 years. What you pay for your metal roof is dependent upon the size of your roof and the type of metal you select. For example, tin is more expensive than aluminum or steel.

Cost-effectiveness for metal roofs extends into their care; the average metal roof requires little maintenance and repair and can last for as long as you own your home without needing to be replaced at all. This allows you to get more out of your investment and have peace of mind that your metal roof installation project will last.

Get a quote for metal roof installation from your roofing specialist. Once you have your new metal roof in place, expect the structure to last for several decades with regular roofing inspections.