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One of the first things that I did when I moved into my new home was start looking into my options for solar power. I’m a big believer in reducing dependence on natural resources that are unsustainable, and one of the best ways to do that is by using natural resources that are sustainable, like sunlight. I was thrilled to have my own home that I could customize with solar power. I found that there were all kinds of options for solar power besides those big clunky solar panels. I eventually settled on solar shingles for my roof, and I’m looking into solar powered windows, too. I started this blog to share more information about solar trends with people who are as interested in sustainable energy as I am. I hope to help you understand how contractors can help with these large projects!


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Car Took Out The Corner Of Your Store?: How Building Repair Services Can Rebuild It

You see it all the time; drivers who put their feet on the gas pedal rather than the brake pedal and drive their vehicles straight through the front or side of a building. Bricks, glass windows and even steel beams bend and bust when a car or truck pummels through them. If you are currently dealing with this type of damage in your own building and you cannot conduct business until it is fixed, there are building repair services that can help. Here is how these special contractors rebuild your damaged store.

Removing All of the Debris

The first thing that these building repair specialists will do is remove all of the debris from the collision. All of the brick, smashed glass, metal framework and/or pieces of steel beams are scooped up by a front loader truck and deposited into either a dump truck or a dumpster. The debris is hauled away to the nearest dump or recycled according to the contractor's business policies.

Deciding What Parts of Your Store Front or the Building's Side are Salvageable

If your store has a glass front, all of the glass front will probably be removed, including the aluminum or steel framework that frequently holds the glass windows in place. Then you may choose to have the old glass front replaced with a new glass front, or replace the whole with bricks. It may also be possible to replace the damaged and missing glass with cafe windows (windows that do not go all the way down to the sidewalk or pavement) and then finish the lower half of the walls under these windows with bricks.

If the side of your building was constructed from brick, and the brick was laid in such a way that each brick rested on two halves of the two bricks below it, the entire wall may need to be removed and rebuilt. The rare exception is when the "brick" that was used was actually cinder blocks, and the undamaged cinder blocks may be reused to rebuild the wall. However, any rebar used in the cinder blocks may need to be removed if it is too badly bent out of shape. Then the fresh rebar and the fresh cement used to fuse the cinder blocks together will make a stronger wall.

Finishing Your New Store Front and/or Store Walls

Once all of the new glass, bricks/blocks, concrete and metal framework has been replaced, your store is ready for paint or other decorative touches. A building inspector will need to see what the building repair specialists have done before you can reopen. Then you will be ready for customers again.

If you need building repair services, talk to a company like Gibson Construction Of Nevada Inc.