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One of the first things that I did when I moved into my new home was start looking into my options for solar power. I’m a big believer in reducing dependence on natural resources that are unsustainable, and one of the best ways to do that is by using natural resources that are sustainable, like sunlight. I was thrilled to have my own home that I could customize with solar power. I found that there were all kinds of options for solar power besides those big clunky solar panels. I eventually settled on solar shingles for my roof, and I’m looking into solar powered windows, too. I started this blog to share more information about solar trends with people who are as interested in sustainable energy as I am. I hope to help you understand how contractors can help with these large projects!


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Impact Doors And Your Home: The Basics

Impact doors, which are much more resistant to damage from the elements than ordinary doors, have a variety of useful function for homeowners. This is especially true if you live in an area where strong storms tend to occur. This article looks at some of the basic information every homeowner should know about this type of exterior door. 


If you in a region where hurricanes happen on a regular basis, such as the East Coast or Gulf Coast of the United States, installing impact doors on your home can have significant benefits. The extremely strong construction of these doors makes it much less likely that any debris will poke holes in the door. When the door remains intact, wind and water does not have an entry point into the interior of your house. In some instances, if you live in a zone where hurricanes are frequent, the local building authorities may require you to have impact exterior doors. 


For homeowners with concerns about outside noise disturbing the peace and quiet of their residence, impact doors can come in handy. Because they are constructed so solidly, they allow less noise from the street or neighboring homes to infiltrate your house and annoy you and your family. It's possible that you might want impact doors for their noise reduction properties alone, regardless of any other factor. 


Impact exterior doors are also great for security and can help protect you from break-ins. For example, its well-known that well-known that burglars prefer to enter a house the same way everyone else does, through the door. If your door is difficult to break open, the burglar may decide to pass on your home and target a house with less secure doors.  


Another key benefit of impact doors is that insurance companies like them. Because they make your home less vulnerable to threats from storms and malefactors, your insurer may feel that you are entitled to lower premiums. So if you replace your exterior doors with impact doors, your new doors will pay for themselves over time through the reduced cost of your homeowner's insurance. To get the lowered premiums, however, you might need to install impact windows in addition to upgrading the doors. 

Installing impact doors on your home can make your house safer and more resistant to storm damage. To learn more about this compelling topic, contact a door and window company in your area.